Growth Spurts

We are upon the infamous two week growth spurt with sweet baby #3. That time in development where your sweet babe turns into a constant eating, fussing, pooping and then eating again fixture stuck to your body. (If you're lucky - you won't notice they aka the Internet says).  

All joking aside - growth spurts are a real thing. And they are a real challenge for parents. It seems that your perfectly content sweet pea all the sudden is no longer satisfied. You may wonder if you, as a nursing mom, are eating something that is bothering baby or if your milk supply is enough. As a bottle feeding mom, you may be stressed that your feeding schedule isn't sufficient for your baby, or if your baby is reacting to his or her formula.  

Baby is FINE. You're doing everything right. This will pass - and if fact shows that baby is right on track developmentally. Take it in stride sweet mama (and papa).  

At least SOMEONE is getting some sleep in - growing is exhausting!  

At least SOMEONE is getting some sleep in - growing is exhausting!  

This is the time to utilize those "happiest baby on the block" techniques. This is the time to have extra grace for yourself - watch your shows while baby feeds constantly - baby wear while you do light work around the house. Remember that the bond you are forming with your infant lasts a lifetime.  

Get a break in if you need it - pass baby off to a support person for a feeding while you take a long shower. Get out of the house (if you can) and do something to distract you from baby's neediness.  

Walk - breathe deeply - be in a place of appreciation for this gift the universe has given you - of a new life that needs you completely; of an opportunity to grow and change to be a more selfless person, and at the same time more self- aware.

Take care of yourself so that you can take the best care of your baby! 

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