To the First Time Mom

Dear First Time Mom (FTM), 

Welcome to the club! Your zombie eyes are a pre-requisite for membership, with sour milk smell and not-fixed hair adding extra "oomph" to your new identity!  

New identity you ask? Yes, indeed! The minute you laid eyes on THE BIG FAT POSITIVE you started this journey - morphing first your body, and then your mind and spirit into what it needs to be to do this job well.  

The work is hard - nights can be long. Sometimes, you may feel under appreciated or even simply USED. The toll on your body is extreme; sleeplessness coupled with the stress of undertaking such an important job can wreak havoc on your normal state of mind. 

This is the beginning of a new normal. A transformation you will never regret. This stage in life feels forever long, and in retrospect feels painfully short. You will learn more about yourself than you can imagine - more about where you have come from, why you are who you are, and most importantly what you want to continue to be.  

You will make mistakes regularly. Take heart in knowing that everyone does - it is part of the journey.

Love is the only ingredient to this transformation that you can NEVER leave out. Remember to Love yourself as well; transformations aren't always easy, ya know?

During your new normal/transformative/club membership you will meet many fellow travelers. Some you will agree with and some you will not. Try to have grace with all - as hopefully they will have with you. Remember that at the heart of each of us travelers is a desire to do what is best for our purpose - the very reason we keep moving through every day is because of this calling we now have, coupled with the overwhelming love. Keep that in mind and even in your disagreements you can find commonality. 

This is the best club - the most rewarding journey. You will never travel alone, (even when sometimes "alone" is what you want most - you will still have a companion in spirit in that place of a fellow club member)! 

You are noticed - you are seen - you are appreciated - you are welcomed!!! 

Much love and support,

A fellow-club-member Third Time Mom (TTM)