State of Affairs

My two older kids have taken to having a baby in the house just fine.  

My oldest, six-going-on-thirty-year-old isn't too interested in the new baby. He feels protective and all - but his way of life hasn't changed since she was born. School every day - peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch - Legos and outside playtime in the afternoon.  

He does however seem much older than six now. Baby girl was crying in the car seat the other day and he felt the need to share some pearls of wisdom:

"Life is full of disappointment", he told her as she cried. 

Wow. Just wow.  


Oldest and youngest  

Oldest and youngest  

My younger son, now middle child, is also adjusting. He is harnessing his annoying noise making abilities to drive me just to the verge of insanity, (whoever taught him how to click with his tongue is going to DIE.) He still enjoys spending the days at home with me, watching movies, coloring, playing play dough and taking baths in the middle of the day just because we can.  

He has taken to waking up more in the night than his newborn sister - just because he wants to "snuggle". Now - I am a total fan of the family bed. However, sleeping together with all my boys in one bed is just asking for injury - there are so many flailing limbs it is straight dangerous. This leaves me playing musical beds at night - go to middle child, come back to own bed, sleep two minutes, nurse newborn, go back to middle child who is crying for mommy again. Repeat. 

Hopefully this is a short phase with him - and I am able to remember that this is passing and not get frustrated with him in the middle of the night. Nothing good has ever come in  reasoning between an exhausted preschooler and a frazzled mommy in the middle of the night. 

Who can be mad at a look like that?!  

Who can be mad at a look like that?!  

Finally, our train is caboosed by this little thing. 


Pure sweetness

Pure sweetness

She is super laid back so far - and other than hating being in her car seat, she rarely cries.  

I appreciate the newborn experience more this time, knowing it's my last baby. Everything seems sweeter - and I swear I can actually SEE hr growing right before my eyes. 

She is three weeks old and I've already had to pack up clothes that don't fit. It's INSANE. I wish she (and the boys) would slow down growing for just a second.  

(Just until someone can invent a way to bottle time so that I can have these sweet moments forever.)  



So I guess we are all adjusting just fine.  

 *I will probably have a different perspective in a few more days when all of our visiting help has left and I am back at the helm ALONE all day.......stay posted.....*