Many pregnant women and their partners feel uncertain with the mystery of the birth process and ultimately caring for a new baby. Birthjourneys Doula Care offers full service prenatal, birth and postpartum support, care and education.  Birthjourneys Doula Clients receive their Childbirth Preparation & New Parent education inclusive in their fee for services.


Having a trained birth professional can help provide a positive birth experience. Jacqueline’s 16 years of experience and mastery of Doula Care provides unconditional support for the birth preferences that every informed mother considers necessary for their birth journey. Family and friends know you best and can provide the love and comfort only they can give.  Doula care provides support for your birth team offering and assisting them with strategies to make contractions more comfortable and effective.


Nurses typically have multiple patients in several different rooms. Your doctor monitors the medical aspects of your birth and in most healthy births, will arrive to assist with your delivery of your baby.  A doula is the professional that never leaves your side and is there to support you during the entire labor and birth process. As your personal doula, Jacqueline limits her client care in order to be fully present to address your needs and preferences.

A Birthjourneys mom travelling through contractions with confidence

A Birthjourneys mom travelling through contractions with confidence

Your Doula Care begins at the signing of the Agreement for Service.  Jacqueline will be available by phone or email to provide you with resources for review and consideration as you develop your birth and parenting skills.  Honoring the important role education plays in a positive birth outcome, Doula Care includes 4 home visits for Childbirth Preparation; Comfort Measures, Breastfeeding, and Happiest Baby on the Block Workshops.  These educational opportunities will allow us to build a rapport, develop our team energy, help me find my way to your home easily should you desire support while laboring at home.

After the birth of your baby, two breastfeeding support home visits during the first two weeks will be provided, and whenever possible, a day one postpartum visit will arranged.  Additional breastfeeding support may be provided per your request for consultation.

Special and attentive care is provided for your partner’s needs and own personal expectations for a positive birth experience.   Partners have their birth experience too.  Doula Care affords them time to process, and promotes early bonding time for the family of the new child.

Birthjourneys is supporting new Childbirth Educators and Labor Doulas, and a  gentle request may be extended to your family,  asking for permission to have these women-in-training  sensitively and respectfully shadow Jacqueline as she works by your side.  Only hearty family endorsements will be considered for this training program.

Experienced, balanced, non judgmental care, uplifting and constant companionship throughout your birth and early parenting is the hallmark and gold standard of Birthjourneys Doula Care.

Fee for Service:

Doula Care Service  $900  (Expected at the Signing of Agreement for Service). | (757) 615-2933