Empowering Education

Growing your family is a dynamic lifetime event.  The knowledge and care you and your birth team receive during this process has tremendous influence on the knowledge and care you take in parenting your children.  Birthjourneys classes are based on master teaching skills that involve participants in a multi-sensory, interactive, and uniquely personalized learning experience.  Your class sessions will give you and your chosen support the knowledge and the resources you need to fully participate as the primary member of your health care team.  

Unconditional Support

Your birth journey is a layered experience of empowerment by surrender, involvement by advocacy, an athletic endeavor requiring a zen state of mind .  For every woman and her support team, there are important tools to help the travel be a safe and sacred experience.  
The move to Mother requires an active compassionate support team.  Doula care can protect the space your journey takes you through.  This specialized care is designed to help you use just the tools you need as an individual woman negotiating the path to Motherhood.  Doula care provides guidance for your chosen birth team, as these are your people that support you in your parenting journey.  Birthjourneys Doula Care provides in home review of comfort measures techniques, best start to breastfeeding strategies, practicing advocacy skills, and Happiest Baby skills to soothe the new baby adjusting to its own tremendous travel experience.   There are many right ways to have your baby, Jacqueline will listen, and carry your birth preferences right at your side as you experience your own unique birth journey.   

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